XENEI.DEMITRIUS   will be a complete knowledge base application system. The client will contain a local database and may connect to one or more Demitrius servers. Servers are implemented in Java as Xenei.ImagoX Extensions. Security is role-based.

Demitrius: noun. [demE-trE-us] Demitrius Phalerus, a follower of Aristotle, was asked by Ptolemy Soter to found a library system in Alexandria around 307 BCE. The Alexandrian library became a scientific and intellectual university system lasting for centuries until it's destruction about 100 CE. Historians estimate the library contained over 500,000 scrolls from all over the world - the sum of human knowledge.

The Demitrius Project will provide intelligent access to quasi-structured knowledge resources. Unlike the Internet, which is highly unstructured, Demitrius will offer high-level access to knowledge bases containing user-definable data fields along with rich-content documents.

The query engine will use advanced search algorithms, neural context mapping, and peer-to-peer sharing techniques to provide access to diverse Demitrius servers. Knowledge bases on both server-based and personal server Demitrius instances may be shared or not depending on the access- control needs of the user.

Demitrius will allow people and organizations to share knowledge in groups, departments, companies or the world.

 Demitrius Concepts 

Demitrius will use Xenei.Imago with XML and XSLT to provide multiple output formats such as client API, XML, HTML, WAP, etc. Imago runs on the server side and is easily extended with the ImagoX Extensions framework.

Knowledge base documents will be created using the Demitrius knowledge base editor. Import of other document formats might be implemented. The format and storage of knowledge base documents is yet to be determined.

Demitrius servers will communicate in a peer-to-peer fashion for extended searches.
Many of the requirements and design details are yet to be determined.

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